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Laser Marking Machine
High Speed UV Laser Marker System UV Laser Marking Machine 3W 5W 10W 15W



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High Speed UV Laser Marker System UV Laser Marking Machine 3W 5W

UV laser marking machine is mainly suitable for surface and internal engraving of glass and crystal products, such as mobile phone screens, LCD screens, optical devices, automotive glass etc.
At the same time, it can be applied to the surface processing of most metal and non-metal materials and the processing of coating film. Such as hardware, ceramics, glasses and clocks, PC, electronic devices, various instruments, PCB boards and control panels, nameplate display boards, plastics etc.
Suitable for surface treatment such as marking and engraving of high flame retardant materials. Metals and various non-metallic materials, ceramics, sapphire sheets, glass, light-transmitting polymer materials, plastics.

Laser marking machine can be used for marking and engraving text, pattern, LOGO, QR code, barcode, time and date etc. The marking speed is fast and no other consumables are required.

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1. Intelligently manage your marking process, from the workshop to the automated production line, allowing you to easily complete multiple tasks, repeat inspection, historical files etc. External data can be imported or the data source can be obtained from the code scanner.

2.  Data communication is carried out through serial port or network port and comes with single-machine and double-machine code sending software.

3. It has its own visual rejection communication protocol, and users can choose this function for seamless integration.

4. It can be linked to the host computer through Ethernet to realize remote operation in different places.

5. The whole controller can reach IP55 protection level and the machine surface can reach IP65 protection level. can be showered



Solar silicon cell groove, cutting, marking, thin-film etching,  scribing, microporous process,  PCB cutting and drilling. 

Laser Alpplication

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FeaturesMaterialSandblasted and oxidized all-aluminum structure
LaserThe service life of UV laser transmitter is more than 20,000 hours
Laser Wavelength355nm
Actual Output Power≥3.5w≥5.5w≥11w
Print Speed≤12000mm/s
Controller10.2 inch touch controller
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Printing ParametersFocus LensFocal length:210mm                                                         
Minimum Line Width0.01mm
Accuracy of  Resetting0.001mm
Print Range110mm*110mm(Optional) 
Locate ModeRed light focusing, Blue light remind
Number of Print RowsAny row in the range
Production Line Speed0~130m/min (Depends on the material)
Software FunctionMultiple LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian etc. (customizable)
Management AuthorityMulti-user management permissions
Operating SystemLinux
Coding ModeThree coding modes: Static,Test and Encoder
Reserved SignalStart, Working, Complete, Alarm
Data ProtectionProvides power failure data protection
Monitoring OmissionsIf material reflection causes false trigger, over-speed alarm
Eliminate IntersectionsAutomatically remove crossing points
Coding SoftwareSingle and double machine coding
Support TypeTypefaceChinese, English, digital, traditional and other standard character library
Bar CodeCODE39、CODE128、CODE126、QR、Z-Code
SpecificationsPower Supply220V/50HZ
Power Consumption800W
Net WeightLaser Machine:13kg, Bracket: 30kg
EnvironmentDemandOutside temperature0-45℃; Humidity ≤95% ; Non-condensing; No vibration

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