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Laser Marking Machine
High Speed Laser Marker 30w 40W 60W CO2 Flying Laser Marking Machine



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High Speed 20w 40W 60W CO2 Flying Laser Marking Machine 

CO2 flying Laser Marking Machine laser jet printer is widely used in production line,especially on food bag printing,water bottle marking, suitable for leather, cloth, epoxy resin, wood products, paper, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials cutting and engraving.

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Equipment Performance:

1. Comparing with traditional post-dynamic focusing marking machine, it's no necessary to replace the different flat-field lenses to get different marking area. Thinner laser spot as well.
2. No need adjustment or maintenance, working at once after installation viable.
3. Original imported RF laser tube with high laser power, excellent laser spot, stable laser generation and lifetime of more than 20,000h.
4. High precision and speed performance with cutting & engraving working, 20% higher efficiency than similar models.
5. Professional industrial thermostatic circulation of water cooling system ensures more stable running and lower
6. Strict multiply protection control system can be sure the stable continuous working of 24h

of laser marking system.
7. Application under Windows interface, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop compatible, PLT, DXF, BMP supportive etc .
8. Especially applies RBI marking with light guild plate or acrylic, and cutting&engraving withpaper, formboard, leathers and footwears.

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Suitable for almost all nonmetal materials, including leather, soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, art wallpaper, denim fabrics, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics, rubber, wood board, bamboo, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastic, marble, jade, crystal etc.
Widly used in industries of food bag production line,clothing, textile, plate making for clothing, luggage, arts &crafts, bamboo and wood products, advertising decoration, home, hotel, advertising, exhibition decoration, automotive decoration and other industries.

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ItemsProduct ParametersLBF-30LBF-40LBF-60
FeaturesMaterialSandblasted and oxidized all-aluminum structure
LaserSealed metal radio frequency CO2 sealed metal radio frequency laser emitter
Laser WavelengthStandard;10.6um   Optional:10.2 or 9.3um
Actual Output Power≥38w≥43w≥70w
Print Speed≤12000mm/s
Controller10.2 inch touch controller
Cooling System30/40w Air-cooled  60w Water-cooled
Printing ParametersFocus LensFocal length:145mm                                                         
Minimum Line Width0.03mm
Accuracy of  Resetting0.01mm
Print Range110mm*110mm(Optional) 
Locate ModeRed light focusing
Number of Print RowsAny row in the range
Production Line Speed0~130m/min (Depends on the material)
Software FunctionMultiple LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian etc. (customizable)
Management AuthorityMulti-user management permissions
Operating SystemLinux
Coding ModeThree coding modes: static, analog and encoder
Reserved SignalStart printing, printing status, printing completion, fault alarm
Data ProtectionProvides power failure data protection
Monitoring OmissionsIf material reflection causes false trigger, over-speed alarm
Eliminate IntersectionsAutomatically remove crossing points
Coding SoftwareSingle and double machine coding
Support TypeTypefaceChinese, English, digital, traditional and other standard character library
Bar CodeCODE39、CODE128、CODE126、QR、Z-Code
SpecificationsPower Supply220V/50HZ
Power Consumption800W
Net WeightLaser Machine:13kg(30/40w), 23kg(60w)  Flight stents:30kg
SizeThe core:666*160*165mm(30/40w)   850*160*165mm(60w)
EnvironmentDemandOutside temperature0-45℃; Humidity ≤95% ; Non-condensing; No vibration

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