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Industrial Automatic Batch Inkjet Date Coding Machine

Product Description:

*Dual jet and alternate jet printing modes to  improve print quality and extend cartridge life. 

* Reciprocating printing, time parameters are automatically updated in real time.

* New flash printing function. 

* Signal blocking function. 

* Log management, check the running status of the device at any time. 

* Supporting OEM brand and functional personality customization.

Product Advantage:

1. Dual jet mode 150DPI speed up to 240m/min. 

2. Flexible DPI settings (150-600DPI). 

3. Flexible permission management and interface. 

4. Flexible DM code and date format.


  • Product Details
  • Technical Parameters

Industrial Inkjet Printer Online Batch Coder Automaticaly Coding & Marking Equipment for Printing Text, Number, Manufacturing/Expiry Date, Time, MRP,Qr Code,Barcode, Logo,Graphics

automatic inkjet printing machine embedded linux operation system. 

The inkjet coding machine can print automatically with photo cell

Smart Variable Date Marking and Inkjet Coding Machine.

Industrial Automatic Batch Inkjet Date Coding Device widely used for Bottle, Carton, Medicine Box, Plastic Jars, Boards, Pipe, Cable, Electronic Parts etc.

It could print time, expire date, batch code, QR code, barcode on various materials. 

Large Operation Screen.

Support 1-2 heads printing.

online inkjet printer batch date/number coding and marking machine for pet bottle

New features

Double spray and alternate spray mode to improve the printing quality,Extend cartridge life

Add automatic real-time update of reciprocating printing time parameter

Added signal masking function accurate code assignment to avoid false trigger

Added Log Management to check device running status at anytime

New efficiency

Double jet mode 150DPI speed up to 240m/min

Flexible DPIsetting(150-600DPI)

Rights Management Custom DM QRcode display custom

Time Format User-defined Communication interface user-defined

Package Included:

the printer,black ink cartridge,external product detector, mounting brackets, power supply, USB stick, software and stylus pen

Online Inkjet Batch Coding Machine Industrial Printer

online inkjet printer date coding and marking machine for high speed production line

This Printer is great for marking colors (black, white, yellow, blue, green and red optional) on porous, semi-porous and non-porous substrates. Print on glass, plastics, metal, boxes and much more. Print high resolution alphanumeric text, barcodes, logos, static and variable information. The Plus 2.0 Printer comes equipped with built in counters for marking date and time codes, lot codes, batch codes and much more!

  • This is a picture shows how an inkjet printer work on your production line,to help you do batch coding work.

  • High-speed TIJ inkjet marking machine ,It uses all-aluminum alloy shell to support IP4 protection level and can be applied in many scenarios.

  • High-speed variable data printing system characteristic

  • 7-inch,17.8mm LCD color touch screen controller

  • Anti-counterfeiting trace data printing

  • Software adjustable, seamless stitching

  • Calculate printing cost in real time

  • Network remote centralized management

  • Printing speed up to 240 m / min

  • Print alphanumeric characters, barcodes, QR codes, logos, date / time codes, batch codes, serial numbers, counters,logo and more

  • 1-8 lines of programmable text

  • Print speeds up to 70 meters per minute (230 fpm) on conveyor belt

  • Print distance up to 6mm (0.25")

inline inkjet printer date coding machine number printer logo printer qrcode printer
online inkjet printer date number batch coding and marking machine industrial marking
PEKOKO inkjet printer inline automatial industrial printing system for EXP date marking

  • Create and store up to 1,000 messages via USB

  • Print up to 2,000 characters per message (no limitation on message length)

  • One ink cartridge can yield more than 18,000,000 character,It will calculate messages per ink cartridge based upon message created and ink settings selected (font type, dpi, height, width, etc.)

  1. Print 900,000+ characters at 12.7 mm or 1/2" tall character height

  2. Print 3,600,000+ characters at 6.35 mm or 1/4" tall character height

  3. Print 9,000,000+ characters at 3.175 mm or 1/8" tall character height

  4. Print 18,000,000+ characters at 2.54 mm or 1/10" tall character height

Online Inkjet batch Coding Machine for printing on electric switch , fan regulator , switch board

  • Application Industries:Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, medicine and building material market.

  • Coding Details: Expiration date, MRP, Manufacturing Date, batch number, content, logo, barcode , QR code, two-dimension barcode, data matrix, data base.

  • Coding Materials:Corrugated paper,coated carton, soft package, hard plastic, envelop, paper carton and liquid container,metal,glass, plastics, metal, concrete, pipe, boxes,HDPE, LDPE, PETE, PET, PE, PP, PVS, PPC, OPP, APET and more

Jet printing technology:TIJ2.5 hot foam inkjet technology
Communication protocol:1/O serial port protocol
Screen:7"HD capacitive touch screen(800*480 resolution)
Controller:194.5*129.9*32mm Double sprinkler head: 108.7*105.9*90mm single sprinkler head 100*100*34mn
Language and Input methodChinese and English (Arabic French Korean Spanish customization
Output power:12V or 16.8V/2A dc output
Counter:Ordinary counter, and can set the carry source flexibly
Spray printing height:Maximum support for one machine two heads,free collocation can be separated or combined use,1-25.4mm
Spray printing speed:The maximum printing speed is 240m/min
Support the barcode:QRCode supports GS1,Data Matrix,Code25 Code39 Code128
Date format:The date mode can be set flexibly and the format can be customized
Ink management:Ensure the use of original H*P ink,ink dosage automatic prompt system
Input power:100-240V
Equipment environment:Operating environment:-10°C--55°℃;10%-95RH

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