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Are you looking for an affordable and easy to use batch coding machine? Your industry does not require to spend thousands of dollars on a complex batch coding machine. Just check out our multipurpose handheld batch code printing machine.

It comes in a sturdy hard back case and includes a removable battery pack, charger, print cartridge, and USB to transfer images and files directly to the printer. The printer can also be operate by USB mouse, simply plug and play. Or you can use the touch screen functions as well.


Whether you are packaging snack foods, sauces, confectionaries, or even beverages. Your products should have a production and expiry date printed on them. The unit is easily portable for onsite inspections as well to regulate incoming and outgoing products.


The handheld batch code printer works easily on a variety of surfaces including plastic, steel, paper, tubing, foil, stone etc. Just drop us an email to receive your customised proposal

Essentially this is a handheld rechargeable computer with printer in one, it can print on any surface as long as you maintain a paper thin gap between the print surface and the inkjet head. I tried it on my skin and it works too, except if your flesh touches the printer head then it will be a smudge instead.

The menu is responsive, built in function is good enough to generate bar code, QR code or free typing text etc. you can upload picture with a USB stick if you wish as long as the image is under 4800x150 pixels. This handheld is for printing text, numbers and simple logo etc. I tried printing a photo and it comes out like a bad photocopy. 

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